Narike & Lohan - Langverwaght Wedding

Lohan and Narike decided to get married at Langverwaght. As a photographer this is one of the best locations I have had the privilege of doing a couple shoot! The gardens at Langverwacht feels like a good place to find fairies. Dark and moody with some of the best views of Table Mountain that you could ask for!
On the day of their wedding, my whether app said expect rain, but mother nature did not stand a chance against Narike because she planned her perfect day to be just that, perfect. So it turned out to be the most perfect day for their outside ceremony. With mild temperatures and no wind. Even the sunset was perfect, with some golden clouds on the horizon. There was just a little problem...those clouds would block the last bit of sunlight, that last bit of sunlight that I needed so much! 
Luckily for me, I was working with two people that are so in love that I did not even have to guide them all that much. So as I fought to get every last bit of light saving technology out of my equipment, they basically did the work of posing, themselves. Never have I been this thankful for great equipment and Nivea's antiperspirant! 
I was no more than 10 minutes after the couple shoot that mother nature got to bring down her rain. Lucky for us, we were indoors by that time and ready for the party of the year! 
Surely a day that I could not forget even if I wanted to!!!