Minette & Marnus -- Vredenheim

It would be unfair to say that I have a favourite couple of all time, so I will just leave it at that. What I can say without any doubt is that I have never photographed two people that with such ease. You can place Minette and Marnus in front of anything, just press the button and you will have a beautiful picture. That does not only come from their good looks, but a combination of their looks and their love for each other. If you have that combination, my job job turns into a walk in the park.
On the day of their wedding the weather was perfect and we were of to a great start, I met up with Minette and her brides maids at Val de Vie and as I walked in the house I thought that Minette might have hired her brides maids at a modelling agency. Too much pretty!! 

Marnus and his groomsmen got ready not to far away and after a little bit of a bee problem my second shooter Alicia started to shoot what looked like a fashion editorial for a men's magazine.
The ceremony was quite the emotional affair for one particular person, but who can blame a man. I mean, that dress! And the hair! And the smile! Any man that has stood at the end of the isle will know the feeling.
The sun has never set so quickly in the history of the universe as it did on that day and to make it just a little harder, some clouds had moved in and was blocking to last of the sun, so we did a couple shoot in less than twenty minutes. 
Luckily we did an engagement shoot, so Minette and Marnus were well trained in how I work and they brought the love!
After the couple shoot came the party, with great food and some even greater dance moves!

The rest, as they say is history! Luckily we have the pictures to go with the great memories.

Thank you, Minette and Marnus for a truly unforgettable wedding!!!