Franziska & Jasper - Farm Wedding

The story of Franziska and Jasper's wedding started a few months before the wedding, when I received a carefully worded email from someone calling her self, "Fran". It was the usual email, asking about availability and package prices, but the name that Outlook gave at the top of the email said Franziska Schreiber. That name sounded very familiar but I just could not place it. So I did the old Facebook stalk and low and behold, "Fran" was the girlfriend of Jasper, someone I have known my whole life! So I asked "Fran" about it and it turned out that the reason for the secrecy was that they were not engaged yet and wanted to get some of the planning done before that. Also, I was in regular contact with Jasper's mother and the whole engagement thing must be a surprise to the whole family.
All the planning and secrecy went to plan and the wedding was just around the corner. Jasper and Franziska wanted to have the wedding on Franziska's family farm in the Paardeberg area. Her parents also got married there so they wanted to carry on the tradition.
Every single part of the decor was DIY and on the day before the wedding the farm was a hive of activity.
Franziska added a lot of the farm itself into the finer details of the wedding. The morning of the wedding, she made her own bouquet from flowers in the garden, the rings were held in a little birds nest that was blown from a tree somewhere on the farm and the wedding car was a tractor!
Jasper also added a lot of  their day to day life into the wedding. He is a wine maker, so they obviously had plenty of his hard work there, to be enjoyed and he is a big vinyl fan, so they asked the DJ if they could play vinyl records, and they did!! 
The wedding itself gave me the feeling of a celebratory feast, like the ones you see in movies, set in medieval times. There was enough wine for n army, people danced under the trees and there was a feast that could feed two weddings!
I have never been at a wedding that felt quit like this one. The best weddings for me, are the ones were you can see the bridal couple's personality in the wedding decor and and the feel of the wedding. It is the small things that make the difference. 
What an absolute pleasure to be afforded the opportunity to photograph this stunning wedding!!!