Tertia & Altus - De Oudekraal

Here is what happens when a couple decide that they want to have their wedding their way. Altus and Tertia is also not what you would call a traditional couple. Spend 5 minutes with them and you will know that they fit together perfectly!
It started with the engagement shoot where they told me that, if we did the normal engagement shoot that people who know them would not recognise them. That is not what they are about and that is something that I have always wondered about. Why do most couple shoots have these same generic couples? I think it's the fault of the photographers and the couples. We all have this idyllic idea of what love looks like and if my love does not look like that, there is something wrong. Speaking as a photographer, it is just easier to do the "normal" shoots, because it's the same recipe, just a different location. 
Their engagement shoot stressed me out a little because of the fact that I needed to be creative and not just turn on auto pilot. Luckily Altus and Tertia just sort of did their usual thing and I just snapped away and we got what we wanted.
With the wedding I knew that as much as you want to fight the urge to be generic and "normal", the romance and overall feeling of your own wedding would make the job of the photographer easier.
Everything about this wedding was DIY and it was a "Travel" themed wedding. Everywhere you looked, there was some detail added and everything came together perfectly!
De Oudekraal is a photographers dream when it comes to shooting locations! You could shoot there for an entire day and not run out of locations.
The reception was an absolute party with DJ Chopper keeping the dance floor packed at all times! 
This wedding will stay with me for a very long time! 
Creative and unique!