Kimone & Nic - Groenrivier

I am always happy when I get to shoot at Groenrivier. It's not that I am biased because I got married there myself, although it helps a lot. Groenrivier has just always been good to me from a photographers point of view and I know that I will enjoy the food because...Malita Joubert!
Kimone and Nic picked April 1st to have their wedding, so I expected a lot of April fools jokes, but luckily that was kept to a minimum! It was a beautiful family affair with a sister as one of the bridesmaids and a brother as one of the groomsmen. 
I can usually tel a lot about the overall style of a wedding by just looking at the wedding dress and until this day, I have never seen a dress with such a beautiful back! Stylish, perfect lines and just enough lace. Kimone made the perfect choice! She looked like a princes!
Luckily she had the perfect gentleman by her side. Nic is part of a dying breed of classic gentlemen and it is such a shame. We need more men like him around. 
Together Kimone and Nic made magic in front of the lens and I felt bad that I have to call this work, because it was an absolute pleasure and I would do it every day of the week!

Thank you for giving me a chance to do what I love in a place that I love!

Now scroll down and see what I saw on Kimone and Nic's most special day.