Shariska & Pieter - Carinus Family Wines / Beaufort Wes

I have been friends with Pieter and Shariska for a really long time. My phone connects to their wifi before I enter their home. I even had a hand in planning the engagement when we went to visit my parents on the farm in the Karoo.  As luck would have it, Shariska injured her left hand in a netball match mere days before the surprise engagement, but that didn't stop Pieter and it certainly didn't stop Shariska from forcing the ring on her swollen finger, if only for two seconds at a time!
It seems that Pieter knows a lot of people that live on beautiful farms because he organised the real engagement shoot on another friend's farm. The breathtakingly beautiful Waterkloof farm in the Devon vally played host to the main shoot, while the impromptu pre-shoot, shoot took place on Branddoorns near Beaufort-Wes. Two vastly different looks as you will see when you scroll down.
But let's focus on the main shoot for now.
Pieter knew that there was only a small window of time for us to catch the fruit trees in bloom so he planned the engagement shoot quickly and even packed a pick nick basket to get the mood just right. We had perfect weather and I must say, these two performed like pro's in front of the camera. They have been listening when I talk about my work over the last couple of years, so they knew what I need to make my job easier! Thanks for that!!
I can't wait for the wedding in July were I will be a guest for a change!