Elmarie & Ryno

Elmarie and Ryno's engagement shoot will stay with me and my wife (Ilze) for the rest of our days. 
We had the shoot at Koggelbaai and I must say, I am hesitant to go shoot there for the next year or so. Don't get me wrong. This is the most beautiful beach in the Western Cape to shoot at. It's just the events that I have witnessed there every single time I have shot there. 
Because it is such a remote beach, I always try to take someone with me to watch my back and watch our stuff while we walk around the beach and take pretty pictures. So, Ilze went along and while myself, Ryno and Elmarie walked down the beach, she sat with our stuff.
As we were walking back from the far side of the beach we could see that Ilze was making patterns in the sand with her feet, quite frantically I must add. I made the comment that she is so cool, she is probably writing their names in the sand with a hart or something. 
As we got closer, she came to us and said, "I am really sorry, but a huge wave came and it took all of your stuff and it is gone." Some how Ilze got a hold of my camera bag and most of our stuff, but Ryno and Elmarie had nothing left. That looked kind of bad...
We just met these people and now their things magically disappeared.
So, we looked around and by luck we managed to find everything in a pool of water that formed further into the beach. It was all under the sand and water, but that luckily made myself and Ilze look like we did't steal their stuff.
So here is yet another top tip. When you go to the beach and you leave your things somewhere, a rogue wave can come and take it all away. Rather put it in a bag and leave it in the car. Now I know.