Lize & George

Lize and George have something special, something that a relationship can not go without. Balance. They play off each other perfectly.
I have known them for a while now and they have seen me at my worst! So with them I could not fake being this perfectly put together professional photographer. So, luckily I didn't have to do my corny jokes to break the ice.
We decided to do their shoot at the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. I think this is one of the greater Cape Town's hidden gem's if you are a lover of nature. We found such diverse shooting locations, all within a 2km walk. Just keep in mind that Lize had high heels on. She handled the terrain like a champ!
It was quite a windy day but that didn't put us off. I actually like it when the wind blows through long hair. It looks more natural and in the moment when the ladies try and keep everything together.
Once again, this was a fun little walk around a beautiful place with awesome people.