Shani & Marius Engagement - Stellenbosch


Marius and Shani wanted to do their engagement shoot in the streets of Stellenbosch, so to avoid the crowds, we decided to do the shoot at 6am.
When it comes to light, 6am and 6pm is just about the same. The only difference is that you have to wake up a lot earlier than with a 6pm shoot.
We basically just started strolling around the streets and took pictures as we went. We did have a weird follower that looked like he was in the market for some photography gear and some cell phones.
So here is a tip if you are ever on a shoot like this. Keep your eyes open and make sure to let the "suspect" know that you know of their presence.
I had a wonderful start to my day with these two. So, scroll down and join us on our walk.