Catherine & Brent - Floreal at Marianne Wine Estate

Catherine and Brent got married on a hot day at the end of March, at a Floreal at Marianne Estate. I will never forget this wedding because this was the day that my pants exploded before the wedding had even started. 
I had just arrived at the venue and as Catherine was getting ready on the estate, I thought that I would go and check in with her first before I go down and take pictures of the venue and the decor. 
I said hello and went back to the car and as I reversed out of the parking space I must have turned the steering wheel to far and the bottom of the bumper caught on a rock and it ripped loose a part of the bumper. I got out to asses the damage and as I bent down to look under the car, I just heard a popping sound and I just felt the cool breeze blow in the front of my pants. I knew then, this is going to be one of those days...
I have always prided myself on all the emergency supplies I carry in my camera bag. One of which, was a sewing kit. I have never sewn before, but today would be the day. I had five minutes and I had to fix my pants while I was sitting in the driver seat of the car, without taking my pants off completely. There were to many people around and I could not risk being seen with my pants down.
After finding out that the back of a needle is almost as sharp as the front and that I had no clue what I was doing, I started perforating the ends of my fingers and the massive hole in my pants started to close. It looked horrible but I knew that the attention would be on the bride and not on my crotch.
I shot the whole wedding, hoping that the pants must just stay closed until I am done. My sewing held and the day was a great success! The pictures tell a different story and I am not going to go into the rest of the day any further because I want you to look at these pictures and feel what I felt. 
Hold pants, hold...