Lize & George - Kaleo

I met George and Lize when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend and by then I already knew that they would get married one day. Luckily it stuck in their minds back then that I am a wedding photographer, so when the time came, they contacted me and I was lucky enough to photograph their wedding!
They got married at Kaleo in the Kouebokkeveld. If I had to get married again, I would want to have my wedding there, not only is it a spectacularly beautiful venue, it can also accommodate all your guests, so you can have a weekend wedding. The food is also great and they have a stone chapel. What more would you want?
The fact that I know George and Lize also meant that I knew quite a few of the guests at the wedding, so I felt more like a guest and less like a service provider.
All and all, this was one wedding celebration to remember!
Thank you for having me there!