Dominique & Helgard

Helgard and Dominique made me look at weddings in a different way. They had the guts to do what most married people say they wish they did. They had an intimate wedding during the day, in the middle of the week and they did it with style! It's called "Cake and Bubbles" 
Everything is the same as a conventional wedding, up until the end of the canapes. After that, everybody goes home. 
You have the best cake and champagne ever, have a few snacks, chit chats, LOL's, take a few pictures and go home and watch a movie. Everybody wins!

I really think that this will be the future of weddings.

Helgard and Dominique got married at the Springfield Convent School. This is also where Dominique went to school. The place looks like a paradise and it was a joy to work there. I have known Helgard all my life and Dominique is so relaxed and comfortable, so it felt like a walk in the park....well, if you had a look at my heart rate monitor's summary of the day, you would wonder what the hell happened just before the ceremony. 
Why was my heart rate above 180 for about 25 minutes?
Well...I experienced my worst nightmare as a wedding photographer just as I was finishing the bridal prep portraits. My camera just kind of stopped working. It didn't record anything on the memory card. I didn't have time to Google the problem, let alone fix it. Luckily we as a wedding photography community all fear the same thing, so I made a call to a camera rental company and they sent someone to my location asap. We were to meet at the school in front of the church. 
The rental camera showed up at exactly the same time as Dominique and the driver just gave me the bag through the car window, pre-loaded with batteries and a memory card. So I did not miss a shot and no bride was stressed out, no one except me even knew that anything went wrong.
It could have been the worst wedding ever, but it turned out to be the one wedding that I talk about the most because of how enjoyable it was!

Thank you Helgard and Dominique for showing us how its done!