Lisa & Eben - Nooitgedacht Wine Estate

Eben and Lisa made an excellent choice when they picked their wedding venue. Nooitgedacht is probably one of the most well rounded wedding venues I have ever worked at. Beautiful from every angle, two perfect ceremony areas. Great bridal prep rooms and the most delicious food ever!
Not a bad office for the day! 
When I look at Lisa I see the word elegant and I wanted to capture that in the photographs. She did most of the work, I just pushed the button to freeze the moment in time.
Eben also had his part to play. He was the bearded gentleman in the fitted suite. 

I always love to see how a wedding can bring two families together. Two families who would have otherwise never met. Two families merging because two people fell in love. The best is when these two families meet on the dance floor. A little awkward at first and then they give in and just dance. 

Eben and Lisa made their families become one and that is always the best thing to come out of a wedding. I was lucky to bare witness to the occasion. 
Thank you to Eben, Lisa and their family!