Maret & Sybrandt - Kaleo

If I had to get married again or let's rather say, renew my vows. It would be at Kaleo.
Maret and Sybrandt wanted to have a weekend wedding and I can't think of a better wedding venue than Kaleo. There is enough accommodation for all the guests and you will struggle to find a more beautiful location. 
As a photographer you are spoiled for choice when it comes to shooting locations. I ave never seen such diversity! From lush green grass under oak trees, to dried grassy fields, to rocky mountains. In winter time you might even get some snow! 
I don't know if I have ever photographed such a relaxed, calm couple before. We worked together so well that I would not mind if they got married every weekend.

Thank you Maret and Sybrandt for making us feel like family at your beautiful wedding!